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My Ultimate Quarantine Wishlist

Hello hello hello! With the whole entire world shutting down, uniting us in our disenfranchisement, I have been both overwhelmed and excited by a few things:

1) All this time on my hands

2) The opportunity to get myself a morning routine like I've wanted to for so long

3) Getting to the shit that I have put off for far too long now

Sure, the lockdown has me feeling little sparks of creativity flow back into my world, but that isn't always easy. Seems like the whole world on Instagram has been on high on some kind of creative viagra because try as I may, I don't feel half as creative as the happy folk online, and I refuse to feel bummed about it.

There's nothing amazing about this time of uncertainty we've all been plunged into. And not everyone's having a party. A lot of peoples' lives are on the line, their entire world is being disrupted and many people, like me, are sitting here staring at the vastness of this unknown future that is hanging in the balance of this ridiculous Covid19 virus bitch.

Anyway, hear me rant all about it on Episode 6 of the Becoming Neha Podcast. Right here! 👇🏽

👉🏽My Ultimate Quarantine Wishlist 👈🏽

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